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# ai621
This is the code currently running over at @ai621bot on telegram.
This is the code currently running over at @ai621bot on telegram.
Don't worry, it's gonna be rewritten soon.
## How does it work?
This is only the "bot" part. The actual generation is done by Easy Diffusion. To run this, you have to install and run an Easy Diffusion (https://github.com/easydiffusion/easydiffusion) instance and define the IP/hostname in the config files so that the bot can query and send data to port 9000 using the embedded api.
## How do i run it?
1. Obtain a Telegram api_id: https://docs.telethon.dev/en/stable/basic/signing-in.html
2. Create a Python virtual env to not pollute your system: https://docs.python.org/3/library/venv.html#creating-virtual-environments
3. Install all the dependencies needed by the bot using "pip install -r requirements.txt" after activating the venv
4. Edit the config files following the instructions
5. Run the bot with "python3 bot.py"
## User data
Data is stored inside "ai621.db": three tables (user, prompt and pending_prompt) define all the data. Additionally, uploaded images (for the img2img mode) are stored inside the "userdata/" folder which is inside of the work folder.
## Can you define multiple video cards / nodes to speed generation up?
No. Or at least, not anymore. You will notice from the example configuration that three nodes were defined. This was working properly, until i accidentally overwrote the files that were responsible for that with an older version that didn't have that function anymore. I didn't bother.
## What are the log and raw channels?
ai621 posts all generated images to a channel called "ai621 raw", and then forwards them to the user at the end of the prompt processing. This is so that everybody can see and get inspired by other prompts. This is what the raw channel is.
The log channel, instead, is where all prompts and stored along with buttons to be able to moderate users (delete prompts and ban users).
## What are "cycles"?
Every day each user has a defined number of cycles, also known as "steps". Since steps can be defined in a sorta stable amount of time, this is used to make sure that all users can fairly use the bot.
Some specific prompts also ramp up the amount of cycles used as a "penalty", like using blacklisted tags or bad quality prompts.