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from telethon import TelegramClient, connection
import logging, asyncio, sqlite3
from telethon.tl.types import MessageActionChatJoinedByLink
from telethon.tl.types import MessageActionChatAddUser
from telethon.tl.types import ReplyInlineMarkup
from telethon.tl.types import KeyboardButtonRow
from telethon.tl.types import KeyboardButton
from telethon import events
from telethon.tl.custom import Button
from asyncio import sleep, Future
from telethon.tl.types import PeerUser, PeerChannel
api_id = YOUR_API_ID
api_hash = 'YOUR_API_HASH'
db = sqlite3.connect('votes')
client = TelegramClient('bot', api_id, api_hash).start()
verifications = {}
client.max_id = 0
@client.on(events.NewMessage(incoming=True, chats=[PeerUser(user_id=184151234),PeerUser(user_id=52493088)], func=lambda e: e.is_private))
async def handler(ev):
msg = await client.send_message(PeerChannel(channel_id=1340677057), ev.message, buttons=[[Button.inline("👍", f"like"),Button.inline("🌟🌟🌟", b"gold")]])
client.max_id = msg.id
async def get_vote(ev):
#print(ev.from_id, 'voted for', ev.data)
if ev.data == b"gold":
await ev.answer('Grazie per la tua preferenza! Il tuo oro è stato registrato.\nThanks! The gold has been received owo', alert=True)
db.execute('DELETE FROM votes WHERE is_golden = 1 AND user_id = ?', (ev.original_update.user_id,))
db.execute('INSERT INTO votes(user_id, is_golden, msg_id) VALUES (?,?,?)', (ev.original_update.user_id, 1, ev.original_update.msg_id))
elif ev.data == b"like":
await ev.answer('Grazie per il like!\nThanks for the like!', alert=False)
db.execute('INSERT INTO votes(user_id, is_golden, msg_id) VALUES (?,?,?) ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING', (ev.original_update.user_id, 0, ev.original_update.msg_id))
client.flood_sleep_threshold = 24*60*60